Cry Out is a 40 Prayer Campaign that will launch September 24, 2020 at Chapel Wood.  40 days is a spiritually significant time in the Bible; I believe it’ll be a spiritually significant time for you and our church.  Our 40 days will start this week and run right up to the election in November.  Every day starting on Thursday you’ll get targeted strategic prayer requests to guide you in prayer.

There are several elements that should be daily in our prayers:

  • Praise to God!

  • Thanksgiving for God’s Blessings!

  • Confession of Personal Sin

  • Requests for any needs or concerns for ourselves or others.

We will be praying along six expanding circles.

  • The Circle of Myself

  • The Circle of My Family and Friends

  • The Circle of My Church

  • The Circle of My Community

  • The Circle of My Country

  • The Circle of My World

We will also be praying for five strategic requests.  You can pray for these at any time, but we will get more specific as we go forward. 

  • Our CHURCH to experience the power of the Holy Spirit in our members, our leaders, and our ministries.

  • Our largely unreached, unchurched, unsaved COMMUNITY to be reached with the Gospel.

  • Our COUNTRY to experience wise government, peace, and a great spiritual awakening for Christ.

  • Our MISSIONARIES to be supported, strengthened, and empowered in their Gospel work.  For a great harvest for Christ around the world and particular in the Islamic world.

  • The Persecuted church around the world to be strengthened and encouraged.