Get Connected with Life Groups!

Do you want to grow in your faith?  Do you want a way to connect and share with other beleivers?  Do you yearn for true community?  Then we invite you to join one of our Life Groups!  We call them Life Groups because they are about doing life together!  Life Groups meet together for Bible study, prayer, fellowship, service projects, and just plain fun!

Life Groups meet at different times.  Some meet on Sunday morning before worship, some after.  Others meet on at different times throughout the week.  There are several to choose from and you will be welcomed with open arms!

Home Group - Jerry & Dee's
This group meets after Services on Sunday in the afternoon, approx 1PM.

Home Group - Allen & Della's
This group meets on Sunday evenings at 6PM.

Men's Sunday Morning Life Group
Where "iron sharpens iron"! Our men meet together on Sunday mornings at ... more

Women's Sunday Morning Life Group

Couples Sunday Morning Life Group

Women's Weekday Life Group

Wednesday Prayer Group