For those "On the Go" members and guests, Chapel Wood has partnered with NCS Services, Inc. to provide us with an E-Giving solution.  Your gifts help Chapel Wood minister to families in need, send kids to camp, teach youth to stand for Christ, support thousands of missionaries around the world, provide Bible teaching materials and much more.  In addition to the regular ministry of Chapel Wood you can also contribute to special mission offerings, student missions, and urgent disaster relief efforts.

Questions and Answers:
  • Is electronic giving risky?
    • Electronic giving involves significantly less risk than a check contribution.  It cannot be lost, stolen or destroyed in the mail, and cannot be handled by as many people during processing.
  • How will E-Giving appear on my bank or credit/debit account statement?
    • All transactions will appear as E-Giving.
  • How do I change my donation schedule?
    • Login to E-Giving and click on View/Edit member profile and transaction schedules. Click on the Transaction Schedules tab and then click edit to change the frequency or amount.
  • Can anyone who works at the church see my bank or credit/debit account?
    • No.  No one at the church has access to your account/credit/debit card numbers.
  • What do I do if I forget my username or password?
    • If you forget your password, click on the "forgot password" link on the e-giving site and your password will be emailed to the address on file.  If you have forgotten your username, click on the appropriate link.  This will bring up an email message that goes straight to your organization.  Let them know you have forgotten your username, and they can retrieve it based on your information.
  • What if I try it and don't like it?
    • You can cancel your automatic deductions anytime via your member profile.
  • What if I only want to give on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis?
    • You can choose these frequencies on your own when completing your E-Giving info on the site.  You also have the option to have your automatic deductions run for only a certain period of time (while on vacation, traveling for work ...).