the chapel wood story

Chapel Wood was begun in 1968 when a survey was taken of the Lake Sawyer, Black Diamond, Covington, and Ravensdale area to determine the need for a new church. Later that year a house church was started in Black Diamond to reach the people of the area with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Dan Robison was the founding pastor of Chapel Wood, and was an active member of our church family until his graduation to heaven in December 2018.  His wife Mary continues to actively serve at Chapel Wood.  After pastoring the church for several years, Dan followed God’s call to a ministry of constructing church buildings. He and Mary have traveled around the world, building churches and serving as missionaries in South America, Polynesia, and Africa, as well as here in the U.S.

To date the church has been served by six pastors. Pastor Tim, our current pastor, was called to the Church in June 1993.

In 1980, Chapel Wood sponsored a new church start in Auburn which has since become North Auburn Baptist Church.

In 2005 Chapel Wood sponsored a new church plant in the Maple Valley area, which has since merged with Covington Baptist church.  

For many year the church owned and operated the Chapel Wood Missions House.  The house was the only one of its kind in the Pacific Northwest.  The Mission House provided a place to stay for missionaries that were on furlough or stateside assignment.  As a result our church has been blessed to get to know a number of wonderful families that serve all over the world.  We still keep in touch and participate in the ministries of many of these missionaries. 

Our history shows Chapel Wood’s commitment to global missions and local evangelism. Our history also reveals our ministry strategy. We will primarily accomplish the evangelism of our community in the same way our church was begun -- by the creation of small group ministries that meet the needs of a variety of people. We are committed to carrying on this New Testament pattern of creating small group ministries and supporting the starting of new churches.